Hungarian Quality Product Award (2008)

Six products of Gergely Gasztronomi Kft. has received the prize, namely: Semonila- pudding, Vanilla sauce, Chocolate sauce, Kindy Pockets filled with cottage cheese, Gamy sauce and the Doughboy. The Hungarian Quality Product Award 2008 was presented in the Parliament on September 3, 2008. Katalin Szili, Chairperson of the Parliament, highlighted in her speech that the prize is the feast of the Hungarian economy and of the Hungarian quality. Domestic products produced with high added value mean quality and they are capable to make the Hungarian economy competitive.

The Prize was taken over by Mrs. József Gergely, Managing Director of the company while she added the following: “We are very happy with this Prize! It is very important for us to get prizes for quality. This inspires us to provide real novelties for our customers in the future; and to keep quality as prime importance.”

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