Giant Dumplings

The production line of Giant Dumplings

Giant Dumplings are already available in the stores: in assortment with double plum filling, cottage-cheese filling or apricot filling! The Premium production line is a great experience for your whole family.


Gergely Gasztronomi Ltd is a family business, established in 1990. We produce quick-frozen fine quality products, reminiscent of traditional tastes, using old family recipes. Among our products you can find: quick-frozen plum dumplings,Dumplings with Plum Filling, Dumplings filled with Plum Jam. Noodle, Galuska,Semolina pudding,Puff-pastry,"Pozsonyi" Pastry, Mexican Croquette. Thanks to the continuous development and in the interest of the better service of our customers, from the beginning we have been committed to bringing innovative products to the market: Kindy dumplings filled with cottage cheese cream and served with chocolate sauce, Doughboy."Lapcsánka" with Potato and Chilli, "Lapcsánka" with Potato and Garlic, ”lapcsánka” with cabbage. Our important products also the sauces: Vanilla sauce, Chocolate sauce, Gamy sauce (vegetable sauce with condiment).