Interesting facts

What happens to the products during the freezing?

Fine ice crystals are being formed during freezing, which do not damage the cell structure of the product and preserve the materials and vitamins that are important from the point of view of nutrition.

How does freezing preserve food staff?

Freezing makes such changes in the food, which significantly decrease the possibility of going wrong. For example, the bacteria and yeast-fungi can not reproduce in the freezing cold. When we freeze the products, we block the water- which can be found in it- in the form of ice and it means that other chemical processes slow own.

How long can be a quick frozen product stored?

It depends on the product itself and on the storing temperature. Generally speaking, we can state that the colder you store the products, the better. The manufacturers indicate on the packaging material how long the product can be stored, in what kind of freezer and on what temperature.

Categories of the freezers (indicated with stars):

* freezer    -6°C
** freezer    -12 °C
*** freezer    -18 °C

Does it mean that the product is dangerous to be eaten if it is stored longer than its shelf life?

No. The bacteria, which cause food poisons, do not capable to reproduce on the temperature of the freezer. The products loose their good condition and texture if their shelf life is over.

Is it necessary to thaw the products before cooking?

Always read the manufacturers' instructions. The purpose of thawing is to be able to cook or fry the products properly. For example, if we wished to prepare a beef steak from frozen, it is sure, that it would remain raw in the middle if it wasn't thawed. In case of quick frozen pastries, it is not necessary to thaw. In case of the soup sticks, it is necessary because we have to form them.

If the product was thawed, can it be refrozen?

Refreezing of the thawed products is not possible, neither for food safety reasons nor for quality reasons. The manufacturer is liable to indicate on the packaging that "Do not refreeze after thawing!"

Advantages of the quick frozen products

  • Keeps the original nutritional value of the products
  • Wide range of ready-to-cook products
  • Safe and convenient
  • Time saving
  • Energy saving
  • Freezing is a preserving method that does not use chemicals