Quality policy

The objective of GERGELY GASZTRONOMI Ltd is to produce safe food staff, within the framework of this, the company would like to get acknowledgement on the domestic and foreign markets.

Our main purpose is to be customer focused. We expect from our suppliers to help us in producing constant quality products with raw materials and services that meet our requirements. We wish to operate a food safety system that grants the proper quality of our products and helps products development. The HACCP system has been in place at our company for ages, but the increasing demands from the customers made it necessary to introduce a new quality assurance system. The company management, because of the European and Hungarian requirements, decided to introduce the IFS [1], which is one of the most acknowledged and wide-spread quality assuring systems (in case of many store chians you can deliver if you have this system in place).

Our objective is to produce food staff that meets the expectation of the customers and to meet the relevant hygienic, environmental and ethical requirements.

Satisfaction of our customers, their positive feedback, significance of the projects have an effect on our colleagues, as well, they are keen on applying, developing and improving the HACCP and IFS systems.

[1] International Food Standard