Did you know?

Crud cheese can be used on several ways - it is present in the kitchen technology and can be used in special diets, as well. It contains amino acids which are necessary for the regeneration of the liver, so its consumption is proposed in case of different liver diseases. Its lactose content is lower than milk's so it can be eaten by those being sensitive to lactose, depending on the actual conditions. As there are low fat versions it can be consumed by those being on a diet.

Pockets filled with cottage cheese cream


The creamy and sweet cottage cheese filling of the pocket makes you smile. To enjoy the harmony of flavors you do not have to do anything else just put it into boiling water from frozen and a few minutes later serve on plates.

The Pocket with cottage cheese is filled with curd cheese, which is very popular in Hungary. It helps the protein intake, which is necessary for building cells and for regeneration as well as for the proper operation of the immune system. Calcium, which can be found in curd cheese, is the building material of teeth and of bones and also needed for the proper nerve system and muscle operation and for the absorption of B12 vitamin; it helps blood thickening and absorption of iron. Absorption of calcium, which can be found in milk, is helped by the lactose and the acidic environment. The Pocket with cottage cheese is prepared from crud cheese which fits into a well balanced diet.

Average nutritive value per 100 g

Component Amount
Energy 815 kJ / 194 Kcal
Protein 8,3 g
Carbohydrate 36,9 g
Fat 1,0 g


Home Gastronomic Loose
15 x 600 g 4 x 2,5 kg 1/10 kg