Did you know?

Beyond the high anti- oxidant content, which decreases the risk of heart- and haemal diseases as well as the risk of cancer and slows down aging, it contains the elements of the B vitamin group. These vitamins are protecting the nerves, protect us from the negative effects of stress and they are necessary for the optimal metabolism, helping the cerebral functions - thinking, memory and learning. Iron content of the plum, which helps the haematogenesis also stimulates the cerebral functions as well as help to eliminate tiredness.

Pockets filled with plum jam


The plum jam - filling of the Pocket - is a favorite amongst the housewives, as less sugar is needed for its preservation than for the other fruits’. This is due to the high fructose level of plum – beyond that it is rich in fibers which slow down the absorption of the eaten sugar, so it does not cause a sudden increase of blood- sugar level. With baking, jam making the important substances of plum - such as potassium, iron, A- and E- vitamins - are getting more concentrated, so the jam is a healthy filling in our dishes.

Average nutritive value per 100 g

Component Amount
Energy 848 kJ / 202 Kcal
Protein 5,5 g
Carbohydrate 40,4 g
Fat 1,5 g


Home Gastronomic Loose
15 x 600 g 4 x 2,5 kg 1/10 kg