Did you know?

Black pepper is the most widely used spice in Hungary, it is the essential "accessory" of Hungarian cuisine. Spicy taste and the characteristic smell are given by the essential oils and the derivatives of a material called piperin. Hot spices typically help the functioning of the digestive system, they have stimulant and carminative properties. In folk medicine it is used for arthritis and skin disorders. Those who are sensitive to it shall not forget when consumed that it has irritative effects in the digestive system.

Potato bites (potato mini-dumlings filled with mixed vegetables) Soup filling


The potato bites - originating from "Nyírség" - became famous due to the soup. The "Nyírségi" bites are delicious because of the onion and black pepper, recalling the piquant flavors of the area. Good news is that these bites now can be prepared for any of our soups.

The "Nyírségi" Bites are prepared from potato and wheat flour, which is made more delicious now by the onion, parsley leaves and black pepper. The potato and wheat flour complete the carbo- hydrate level in the form of starch, which is mainly needed for the proper energy level. The parsley's color – chlorophyll –, as well as the onion's strong smell – allicin – refer to the presence of fitonutrients, that are protecting us against the "external attacks" with their anti oxidant effects; helping the regeneration of the body and slowing down the aging processes. Due to the appetizing effect of black pepper's essential oils, the "Nyírségi" bites can be a worthy start of a meal.


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